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ACD Systems plus IVR Telemarketing Call Center Services - Manage your own 800 number IVR and voice broadcasting phone campaigns online. Register for service and download phone lists and wav files from the internet - monitor results with reporting system.   (confirmed: 11/17/03)

ACD Autodialers and Call Center CRM Solution with CTI Phone Software - Database Systems Corp. provides call center software including CTI Software, predictive dialers, IVR services, ACD systems, CRM software and Voice Broadcasting systems.   (confirmed: 11/17/03)

Auto dialer Software - Yoursautodialer offers the most reliable and versatile auto dialer, auto dialing software, automated phone dialers and other integrated computer telephony products.   (requested: 05/17/05)

Total Call Management Solutions - Specializes in interactive automated call center products including auto dialers, predictive dialing and PBX/IVR phone systems. Softwares that generate leads.   (confirmed: 05/17/05)

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