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Cheap Long Distance - Use the calculator at to compare and find the cheapest long distance carriers in your area.   (confirmed: 11/02/03)

Cheap Long Distance Carriers - Featuring high quality long distance carriers with great rates. Get cheap rates on toll free service, calling cards, cellular and more.   (confirmed: 11/02/03)

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Gold Coast Phone - Best Rate Long Distance - Discount long distance and internet services. Less money, NOT less quality or customer service!   (confirmed: 11/02/03)

Long Distance Plans - Providing a large selection of discount calling plans.   (confirmed: 11/02/03)

Long Distance Search Engine - helps users find the cheapest long distance rates from several carriers via interstate, intrastate, and international rate searches.   (confirmed: 11/02/03)

Long Distance World - Discount Long Distance Phone Rates - discount long distance, calling cards, cellular phones, satellite TV, and high speed internet access.   (confirmed: 11/02/03) - Compare Long Distance, Local phone service, calling cards, international rates, business long distance telephone, & cell phone service.   (confirmed: 03/12/05)

Phone Bill Busters - absolutely lowest cost long distance from a wide variety of providers without gimmicks.  (confirmed: 11/02/03)

Tele-Rates Long Distance Agency - It's Time to Find Better Long Distance Rates. can help you find the best carrier and save!   (confirmed: 11/02/03)

U Save Telecom - Offering long distance and internet services. Rates as low as 3.9¢ per minute. Use our rate calculator to find the best rate for your state.   (confirmed: 11/02/03)

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