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AdComm Technologies - AdComm Technologies is one of the largest independent wholesalers of communication equipment on the internet.   (confirmed: 11/02/03)

Applied Voice and Data - New, Refurbished Telephone Systems, Used Phones and Phone System equipment from all manufacturers by   (confirmed: 11/02/03)

Business Telephone Systems, Toshiba, Cordless, Nortel, Norstar, Avaya, Lucent, Voice Mail - We sell business telephone systems, with brands like Toshiba, Norstar, voice mail products, and more.   (confirmed: 11/30/04)

I Need - Many types, brands, and systems available.   (confirmed: 11/02/03)

Leverage Communications - Las Vegas, NV - Sales, installation, service and maintenance of business communications systems. Both new, refurb and used available.   (confirmed: 12/29/03) - Top Lucent/Avaya Yahoo Superstore - Definity, Partner ACS, Partner 18D, Merlin Magix, Merlin Legend, Voice Mail Systems. One-Year Warranty and 90 Day Advance Replacement Service.   (confirmed: 11/02/03)

Merlin Phone Systems - Offers Merlin phone system modules new and refurbished. All Merlin bis 10, bis 22, bis 22d, bis 34d and merlin magix telephones. Magix 4400, 4406, 4412d+, 4424D+, and 4424LD phone supplies. Merlin Classic 5 button, and 10 button speakerphones.   (confirmed: 11/02/03)

Mitel Phone Systems - All Mitel Phone Systems.   (confirmed: 11/02/03)

Norstar & Nortel Phone Systems - Offering new and refurbished Nortel Phone system products. Nortel M series and T series phones. Meridian Telephone system products available.   (confirmed: 11/02/03)

Partner 18d - New & refurbished Avaya Partner 18d telephones for sale.   (confirmed: 11/02/03)

Partner Phone Systems - Offering new and refurbished Partner Phone System supplies. See our inventory of Partner Telephones. Mls 6, mls 12, mls 18, mls 34, in stock. We also carry Partner Eurostyle phones. Partner 18D, Partner 34d, and Partner 6.   (confirmed: 11/02/03)

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